Married Life (from a single’s perspective)

If I could give married people advice it would be this…. (You’ll find out if you keep reading!)

I’m 27, a few months shy of 28. A teacher. A coach. Living in Small Town USA. By myself. No family within a 7 hour radius. I wake up, get ready for work, teach all day. Coach after that. Church activities throughout the week. Come home.  Eat. Get ready for bed. And repeat. 

It might sound like I’m complaining, but if you read it again with a more positive tone and mindset, I’m actually bragging!  I’m living the dream!  (God’s will for me right now in my life. #NoDoubt!)

Where I’m at right now in my life, is such a growing and learning experience.  The majority of my friends I spend time with are married. (And when I say majority, I mean majority!  I maybe have one or two friends that I hang out with that are single.)

And I’m completely okay with that!  One thing I’m very aware of is the position of power and influence that I have being a teacher and a coach. If you’ve read any of my previous posts you know that I always talk about people watching us. As a teacher and coach my students and players are watching me. They’re watching how I live. They’re paying attention to how I talk. Things I say. My tone of voice. How I react in certain situations; the good and the bad. What I’m like outside of the classroom.  How I interact with others. They’re definitely watching. And listening. And I’ve grown to be uber aware of that. I don’t want teenagers to have a reason to not find me as a credible person when it comes to my faith and the way I live. Do I mess up at times?  Yup. Sure do. 

But it got me thinking lately about being single and being around all my friends who are married. 

I’m a very observant person. I’m just like my students. I watch. I listen. I pay attention. I’m taking mental notes. On what?  you might ask. 

Married life.

Thankfully God has blessed me with many friendships in which case my married friends are setting an example. They’re modeling marriage for me, a Christian single.  I notice things:  like how a husband and wife talk to each other, in the good times and bad. Or how they treat their kids. The tone behind their words. Their actions. How they behave at churh. How they behave outside of church. Not just individually but as families, too. 

I understand every marriage is different.  And just like my students can tell which teachers are credible and which aren’t, Christian singles can tell when a marriage has a foundation of Christ. 

So if I could give married people advice it would be this:  Be aware that people are watching and listening, especially singles. I want a good example set for me!  I want something to look forward to!  Just like being a teacher and coach is a position of power and influence on young minds, being married is also a position of power and influence. 

Thankfully the Lord has blessed me with many many great examples of not just being married, but of marriage.

It really does help.