Be Content

A lot of people don’t know this story (probably because it’s so embarrassing). But when I was younger, I believe in 8th grade, I wanted blonde hair. I thought only pretty people had blonde hair. All my friends who were blonde… were pretty!  So naturally, I wanted that, too. 

But on top of naturally wanting that, to be like everyone else, I had a problem. I had (and still do by God’s grace!) natural red hair. 

I remember telling my mom I wanted to dye my hair blonde and for some crazy reason… she let me. 

Oh my. As I looked in the mirror with my dyed hair job gone wrong I was mortified. What was I thinking?!  I’m a natural red head, and we all know natural red heads are some of the palest creatures on earth!  So with my freak dye job (which did NOT make me pretty) and my pale skin I begged someone in my family to take me back to the drugstore to find a magical concotion that could take that awful bleach blondish orange color out of my hair. 

And thankfully I did. And sixteen years later, I run around with my natural, sometimes pretty (depending on the day), red hair. 

As a fourteen year old girl I was naive to the fact of what I already had. I was so fixated on wanting change that I was blind to something that frankly didn’t even need change. 

But as adults, those blinders sometimes come back on. Let me give you a different perspective. 

Maybe as you read this you’re unhappy in an area of your life that you’ve come to the conclusion of:  “If I just had __________ I would be more content.” 

If I just had a different boss… I would be more content. 

If I just had a different job… I would be more content.

If I lived in a bigger city… I would be more content. 

If I just had a better car or a nicer house… I would be more content.

If I had blonde hair… I would be more content. 

I’m convinced that a lot of times we lack happiness where we’re at is because we’re fixated on something that God doesn’t intend for us right now, or maybe even never.  We’re unhappy because we choose to be unhappy and there’s nothing wrong, it’s like we make it up in our own minds. 

The Bible says in Philippians 4:11, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

So before you get caught in the trap of manipulating your way or taking a shortcut to somewhere you’re not even supposed to be yet… look around you and consider what you do have. 

And consider the consequences.  

My challenge to you:  Be content where you’re at until the Holy Spirit moves you. God has you where you are for a reason. Maybe it’s to reach a lost soul that only you could reach. Or maybe it’s because He wants to grow you to be more like his Son.  Don’t rush into things. Be content

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