His Rightful Place

Before the summer began, I determined something in my heart. That I would get closer to Jesus again like I used to be. If you know me very well, you probably assumed that my walk with the Lord has been super strong. Well, I was going through a season.  It wasn’t a bad walk with the Lord, but it’s not what it has been before.  And I knew that. 

I wrote down a “Summer Mission Statement” in my journal:  I purpose in my heart, that this summer I will spend a significant amount of time in God’s presence, daily, through prayer, God’s Word, and reflection; in order that I may grow as a child of the Lord.

The past week or so God has really been speaking to my heart and calling me back to where I used to be with Him. Back to when Jesus was the center of my life. Back to when I would go to Him before going to others. Back to when I would say “Yes, Lord” when he asked of something. Back to a place of peace and calm. 

I’ve taken up walking this summer. I’m almost 29 but I’m thinking like I’m 60. I want to partake in some sort of exercise I know I’ll be able to do in 30 years and not be miserable while doing it. 

So I was on a walk last night, and I decided to forgo my cell phone and just talk to God. And listen. And I’m glad I did because it was just a time of confirmation of what’s been going on in my heart and head this past week. 

One podcast said something like this, “We go about our daily lives, inviting Jesus to join us, but it’s not about us allowing Him to be in our lives, we should be joyous and humbled by the fact that He has invited us into HIS life.”

I woke up this morning super refreshed after days of restless nights. And I’ve decided I’m kicking everything off the throne of my heart that has been in the way of Jesus Christ reigning in my life. I’m so excited to get back to where I was with Him and for Him to take up His rightful place in my life again. I feel rejuvenated and renewed!  

A good friend of mine said, “If you want what you had, you have to do what you did.” Simple yet profound!  

Getting back to where I once was… I’m excited for this new season!  

Remembering God’s Completeness 

I just got back from my fifth year helping as a Youth Counselor at Silver State Baptist Youth Camp in Sedalia, Colorado, with our FBC youth group and the Lord has set my heart on fire. I love going to camp because I feel like it’s a cleanse for my soul for the upcoming school year. (I pray that I would continue to fuel this fire the Lord has kindled within me and that I wouldn’t let it die out.)

I’ve been reading from Matthew the past few days and I was reminded of something this morning: My God is a complete God.  

In the first part of Matthew I’ve read, Jesus continues to heal and restore people, but not just partially. He does it in completeness, or as the Bible says, He has made them “whole“. This just made me remember His goodness and how He has healed and restored areas of my life, thankfully not in part, but in WHOLE!  

Here are some accounts of the people in Matthew who were healed and restored in whole:

  • The leper
  • The centurion’s servant
  • Peters mother-in-law
  • The man with the palsy
  • The woman with the blood issue
  • The ruler’s daughter
  • Two blind men
  • The man with the withered hand
  • Those possessed with a devil

All of these individuals had a commonality: they either sought Jesus themselves, or they were brought by others. (Side note: We Christians need to be bringing others to Jesus!)

Not only has Matthew been a good reminder to the fact that Jesus can fully heal and restore me, but I have to keep in mind, if I want that to happen, I must do my part and seek Him EARNESTLY and FERVENTLY, much like the woman with the blood issue who knew if she could only just touch the hem of His garment, her faith would restore her. 

Maybe you’re at a point in your life where you’re seeking restoration:

  • Financial Restoration
  • Relational Restoration
  • Emotional Restoration
  • Or even Spiritual Restoration
  • (And many others)

My advice to you, based on the Word of God, would be to seek Jesus FULLY and COMPLETELY so that He can restore you in the WHOLE

I thank God I serve a COMPLETE God. But we must do OUR part and seek Him diligently and completely for a complete and WHOLE restoration