7 Ways to Pray for Your Future Students (and yourself) This Summer

School is out and summer has officially begun!  But it’s never too early to begin praying for the upcoming school year, which includes your future students and yourself!  Here are some things to start praying for:  

  1. A Renewed Mind:  It’s been a long year for students and teachers. Ask God to renew and refresh the minds of your future students (and yours) and allow focus to be regained. 
  2. An Obedient Spirit:  We all want our students to be compliant. Pray that God would work in the kiddos. (And that you would be obedient to the speaking of the Lord, too). 
  3. A Right Attitude:  Positivtiy is hard enough to find in today’s society; the only place some students might see an example of a good attitude might be from you!  Seek the Lord and His example; pray that you and your students would have a positive attitude that would last for more than just the first couple months of school. 
  4. Subsided Nervousness:  With students entering a new grade and having new teachers, nervousness will surely come into play. As a teacher, I get nervous too!  Ask God to take away any fears that might settle in and replace them with peace and confidence.  (2 Tim 1:7)
  5. Time-management:  Sports, clubs, family, friends, etc. can get in the way of the ultimate learning process if not handled properly. Ask the Lord to prepare you and your students for the demands of the upcoming school year. Give God your time, and He’ll honor that!  
  6. Placement: It’s no accident when particular students are placed in your class. Pray that God would send whoever needs to be in your classroom… To your classroom!   This can be an opportunity for them to grow and for you to grow, too!  
  7. Endurance:  Pray that you and your students would have physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional endurance this new year. Nine months can be very taxing on all parties involved. 

And don’t forget to enjoy the summer. Relax. Spend a significant amount of time with the Lord and pray, pray, PRAY!