Post-Valentine’s Day

I’ll get to the picture…. I promise…. But first:

Forgive me for not keeping up in my writing. Honestly, there isn’t an excuse, I just… Haven’t!  

But what I really wanted to talk about was prayer. Prayer works!  Especially if you don’t have anything in your life that is hindering your prayers.

Last semester, I had these two students. A boy and a girl. Both suffering from excessive laziness syndrome and a severe case of defiancy. (Haha my own medical diagnoses). I’m the type of teacher who can usually snap kids into shape, at least for my class. But these two… I tried everything. Everything

Detentions. Parent phone calls. Parent meetings. Solitary confinement (just kidding; an individual seat). Being nice. Being hardcore. Encouraging. Motivating. I tried EVERYTHING. And NOTHING was working. (And did I mention that I had these two students in the same class period?!)  It was rough for me mentally and emotionally at the end of the day. Never have I ever struggled so much with a student (in this case, two) for so long. Normally they whip right into shape!  

I didn’t understand how everything I was doing wasn’t working. And then I realized I didn’t try the one thing I know works:  Prayer

I started praying for these two individuals and for me, too. I started asking God to let me see them the way He sees them. 

Finally we had Christmas break, and we came back, and I’m happy to report that  those two haven’t been the same since!  And neither have I. 

They are my go-to students in that class!  They always participate. They have a decent grade. And I “click” with both of them now. Sometimes I get glimpses of their old-selves but overall… They are completely different students than first semester. And such a joy to have in class now. I’d say, “It’s crazy to think how they’ve done a complete 180.”  But really, it’s not crazy. God answers prayer. Should I have expected anything less?  Shame. On. Me. And shame on me for trying to fix it all in the beginning when I should have just taken it to the Lord in the first place. 

Prayer works. 

So that brings me to the picture from above. It’s the Valentine’s Day candy the female student bought me. Not only was I shocked she brought this to me, but I was shocked that she picked it out on purpose. She said, and I quote, “I brought you a penguin.”

She knows that my favorite animal is a penguin. 

Prayer works. #CompleteTurnaround