Speed Limits and Sin

There I was:  driving to Oklahoma City. As I was leaving Liberal, a truck sped past me down the highway. The speed limit was 65. As he went by I decided to put pedal to the metal and keep up with him. My justification?  Well, if I can keep up with this guy, I can get to OKC quicker!  And if a police officer clocks us, he’ll get the guy in the truck first, because he’s in front of me. Those were my honest thoughts as I found myself going 90 in a 65. After a few minutes I finally decided to slow down and that’s when it hit me:

Isn’t that situation a lot like how we treat sin sometimes?  We’re cruising along, following others, testing the limits… Justifying our actions and comparing our behavior to the behavior of mere mortals. When in reality, we’re not supposed to be comparing ourselves to other humans, were supposed to be comparing ourselves to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

We tell ourselves that what we’re doing is okay because:

  • others are worse
  • someone else will get caught first
  • so-and-so does it, and they’re a Christian

We’ve decided to go the limit that the world has set for us rather than the standards God has clearly defined in His Word. 
Whoever said, “Rules are meant to be broken,” is frankly… Dumb. To put it nicely. Rules are not meant to be broken. Standards and limits help to keep us out of trouble. 

Instead of justifying our actions by comparing ourselves to others, we should compare our actions and behaviors (and speech) to the scriptures, and to the One who showed us the correct way:  Jesus. 

If our actions aren’t aligned with the limits God has given us in His Word; it’s time to take a look at the spedometer and make an adjustment before it’s too late. 

Don’t let sin propel you where you’re trying to go. Don’t use others as a way of tracking your progress:  use Jesus. 

Until next time…

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