My Story:  Why I’m Still Here in Liberal, KS

I come from Independence, Missouri. 

Population:  117, 240. 

I moved there when I was 3 from Boston.  I’ve lived out here in Liberal, KS (population 20, 956) for about five years now. 
Often times when people ask me, “Do you like here?”  My response is always, “I love it here.”  And then I get a shocked face.  HAHA. 

I’m a pretty simple person who doesn’t need a lot. A few good friends, a decent job, and The Good Lord by my side!

But God has given me sooo much more than that!  I wake up every morning to go to teach at a school where not only do I love the students, but I absolutely have the greatest coworkers ever. I really enjoy the people I work with!  

I also have some of the greatest friends a woman could ask for from all walks of life. Friends that are long-term!  

I attend a church that preaches and teaches the Bible at its rawest form that doesn’t sugar coat it just to make me feel good.  I’m able to grow in my faith on a consistent basis. 

Sometimes it gets tough being single out here, especially finding a guy who believes what I believe.  Sure, it’s crossed my mind once or twice that maybe if I relocate I would find the right man…

But I would never risk it. I would never ever leave Liberal, KS just because I might have a better chance of meeting someone. No way, Jose!

I’m truly content and happy out here on my own.  Yes, I have moments of loneliness but even those who have people out here or who are married have those moments, too!   I wouldn’t sacrifice all God has blessed me with!  That’s just crazy!  That’s why I’m still in Liberal, KS:  Population 20, 956. 

Like I said before, I’m just a simple girl who doesn’t need a lot, but God continues to give me sooo much more.  Population 20, 957!